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Ingredients:  Serecite, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Boron Nitride, Lauroyl Lysine, Silk Amino Acid Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Yellow Oxide,
Red Oxide, May Contain:  Black Oxide, Ultramarine Blue Mineral Pigment.  
(All NON Micronized and NO NANO'S!)
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Sandstone  (Light Cool)
Your skin is beautiful when you can find the right shade.  You need a
foundation with no yellow undertone.  This one is perfect for you  We
recommend these blush shades:  "Joy", "Refined" or Look naturally
lovely in our "Celebrity Glam Glow Bronzer"!
Sunlit Terra (Light Warm)
This is the most common caucasian skin tone.  Your skin is
warm and tends to tan in the sun.  We recommend blush in
shades "In Love" & "Wholesome" for a Matte Natural look.
Warm Honey (Light/Medium Warm)
Your medium skin tans very easily and is dominant in yellow.  We love you
in blush shades like "Antoinette", Raspberry or New Perfectly Rose.  
"The amino acids found in our HydraSilk foundation, help
hydrate your skin, balance ph, and create a matte natural
finish with a creamy feel."
50 gram volume
sifter jar
HYDRASILK Loose Mineral Foundation

  • Creamy Buildable Coverage
  • Amino Acids to Hydrate and Heal
  • Skin Smoothing Minerals
50g vol
13g weight
Light Amber (Light Neutral)
Your neutral skin is neither dominant in pink or yellow tones and
tends to tan in the sun.  We recommend blush shades:  Tender,
Joy, Ginger & Bare.