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Matte Natural
Loose Mineral Blush
20 gram volume/4 gram weight
Sifter Jar
  • Matte Natural Color
  • All Day Wear
  • Shine Free
  • Natural Earth Tones
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Glowing Mineral Blush
20g volume/4g wt
Matte Blush Ingredients:  Serecite, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium
Dioxide, Boron Nitride, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay, Iron Oxide.
Antoinette:  (Warm Coral)
This shade looks heavenly on medium to
dark skin tones that are neutral.  Brighten
and enhance your natural color with
#1 Customer Choice 2009
Tender (Pinky Coral)
This is the perfect shade for light to
medium skin.  A touch of coral and pink for
a natural glow of color.
Raspberry (Pinky Plum)
This radiant mineral blush is a bright pinky
plum that is made for warm skin tones.  
This color Makes a wonderful lip color too!  
Dip your lip balm right in and apply.
In Love(Warm Mauve)
This radiant mineral blush is a muted warm
mauve shade that works well on almost any
skin tone.  Subtle and warm.
Shy (Light Pink)
I love this light pink shade on those pale
skin tones that wear Bare Earth, Cool
Bisque or H2O #1.
Joy (Deep Warm Mauve)
This radiant mineral blush is a deep neutral
formulated to compliment all skin tones.  
Plum is blended with warm browns.  
Rosehip (Warm Brown Ruby)
This radiant mineral blush is a warm brown
vibrance. This shade looks great on
medium and med/dark skin tones.
Ginger (Warm Peach)
This warm apricot is the perfect shade if you
have a pink undertone and are having trouble
choosing a blush shade.  Ginger adds
warmth to light and light to medium skin.  
Very natural!
Perfectly Rose (Rose)
A sexy wash of natural rose tones.  It's like
getting your very own natural flush of color.  
Love Love love this to give your skin a fresh
Bare (Soft Neutral Brown)
is a barely there neutral skin tone.
A touch of color on any skin tone
for a natural matte look.
Refined (Neutral Plum)
This Matte Natural Mineral Blush a
light neutral plum shade with a
looks excellent for a touch of cool
color on your cheeks.
Wholesome (Warm Brown)
Our most wearable matte blush has
browns, reds, plum all mixed in to
work with any skin tone.
Skin (Light Pinky Tan)
This shade is almost like
applying a pale skin tone.  Very
natural and gives just a hint of
Complexion(Pale )
This shade is almost like applying a
pale skin tone.  Very natural and gives
just a hint of color.
Barely There Blush
Don't you wish you had a cheek color that so perfectly blended to
give you the most natural hint of color on your cheeks that no matter
how much you did or didn't apply, it looked just perfectly barely
there?  Wish no more!  One perfect color that blends with every skin
  • One Blush
  • One Color
  • Perfect for Every Skin Tone
Barely There Blush Ingredients:  Serecite,Titanium Dioxide,
Brown Oxide, Red Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Mica Kaolin Clay.
Radiance Blush Ingredients:  Serecite, Iron Oxide, Magnesium
Stearate, Mica Titanium Dioxide.