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Who is the TFC Woman?


The TFC Woman knows she doesn’t need to sacrifice her glamorous side to be safe, natural and healthy. 

She’s a label reader. She feels connected to our company and supports our mission. 

She values our wide selection of products and gets excited knowing her package is assembled with love and shipped quickly. 

She is happy about supporting our US business and tells her friends and family about her love affair with TFC. 

She’s a return customer because her needs and high-standards are always met. She is who makes TFC possible. 

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About the Owner | Founder


Hi! I’m Meri. I’m the owner and founder of Terra Firma Cosmetics. I manufacture and sell natural beauty care products for woman who care about what they put on their skin. I’m passionate about helping women feel on the outside the way they are on the inside–simply beautiful. 

I’m proud to be known for our great customer service and FAST shipping. If you’re in the area pop on by for a free makeover, It’s by far my favorite way to connect with TFC fans. Make sure to bring your empty containers to get 20% off your order. 

My customers are my number one priority and I genuinely care about their overall well being (not just their looks). I believe it’s my ethical responsibility to provide top of the line, safe and healthy products that deliver in value. It is possible to have an effective beauty care routine with pure and natural ingredients. 

My ongoing positive relationship with my customers and the trust I’ve established with them is what makes my business both highly successful and personally rewarding. If there is ever anything I can do to serve you better please don’t hesitate to contact me


"You shouldn't have to sacrifice your glamorous side to be safe, natural, and healthy"