Hydra Silk Foundations

Hydra Silk Foundations

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The amino acids found in our mineral foundation, help to hydrate your skin, balance Ph and create a natural looking finish with a creamy feel.

  • Creamy Buildable Coverage
  • Amino Acids to Hydrate and Heal
  • Skin Smoothing Minerals

Size: 50 gram jar



Bare Earth (Fair)

  • Little to no surface redness or tan
  • Your skin can burn very easily in the sun
  • We recommend blush shades: Shy, Tender, & Ginger.



Cool Bisque (Fair Cool)

  • This light skin tone has a slight bit of pink to it and also tends to burn easily 
  • We think blush shades in Ginger, Bare, Joy and In Love




Light Amber (Light Neutral)

  • Your neutral skin is neither dominant in pink or yellow tones and tends to tan in the sun 
  • We recommend blush shades Tender, Joy, Ginger, & Bare




Sandstone  (Light Cool)

  • Your skin is beautiful when you can find the right shade. You need a foundation with no yellow undertone.  This one is perfect for you.
  • We recommend these blush shades Joy, In Love, Refined, or Look Naturally Lovely in our "Cocoa" Glam Glow Bronzer!



Sunlit Terra (Light Warm)

  • This is the most common Caucasian skin tone. Your skin is warm and tends to tan in the sun but sometimes burn before you tan. 
  • We recommend blush in shades "In Love" & "Wholesome" for a Matte Natural look




Warm Honey (Light/Medium Warm)

  • Your medium skin tans very easily and is dominant in yellow 
  • We love you in blush shades like Antoinette, Raspberry or New Perfectly Rose and even Tender




Medium Beige  (Medium Neutral)

  • This shade is perfect for medium skin with neutral undertones. You have that peaches and cream complexion. 
  • We love blush tones in Antoinette, Tender or In Love on you!




Golden Marble (Medium Olive)

  • Your olive skin has a lovely neutral tone. Neither dominant in yellow or red, you have an olive  "green" undertone. You tan easily and rarely burn.
  • Wear a rose blush like our In Love or Perfectly Rose; Cocoa Glo is a great bronzer choice
  • We highly recommend using our Pretty Pink Powder for perking up your complexion




Tuscany (Medium Cool)

  • Your medium complexion has a warm red that tans easily with a color that turns red/tan. 
  • We recommend blush shades in Rosehip, Joy, or Wholesome Matte.




Pure Golden (Medium Golden)

  • Your medium skin has a yellow-olive undertone and always tans very easily. 
  • We love Antoinette blush on you and think you should try Perfectly Rose when you're feeling sassy.




Maria (Medium/Dark Warm)

  • Your Medium/Dark Tan Skin has yellow undertones and you always go up a shade or two in the summer.  
  • We recommend brighter blush tones like Perfectly Rose or Raspberry.




Caramel (Deep Golden)

  • This shade was created for Med/Dark skin with neutral undertones. 
  • Rosehip or Perfectly Rose would be pretty blush colors on your skin tone.




Venessia  (Deep Cool)

  • Dark skin with deep cool pink undertones. 
  • Try our Multi-Task color in Posie to wear on your cheeks.




Earthen (Deep Warm)

  • Dark skin with warm golden undertones. 
  • Our Multi- Task in Seventeen would make a great blush color for you.




Maya (Deep Neutral)

  • Deep dark skin with olive-neutral undertones. 
  • Hidden Hickey is a Multi-Task that you will want to try on your cheeks.


Ingredients: Sericite, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Boron Nitride, Lauroyl Lysine, Silk Amino Acid Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Yellow Oxide, Red Oxide, May Contain:  Black Oxide, Ultramarine Blue Mineral Pigment. All NON Micronized and NO NANO'S!

Note: due to different computer monitors calibrations, depicted colors may vary slightly