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Ultra Foundations

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We designed this foundation to be the most hydrating, with instant creamy, full coverage. This is for the woman who likes the look of a liquid foundation but in powder form. This is the perfect choice if you need to cover dark eye circles and Rosacea. Vegan friendly, too!

Size: 30 gram jar



  • Little to no surface redness or tan. Your skin can burn very easily in the sun. 
  • We recommend blush shades Shy, Tender, & Ginger.




  • This skin tone has a pink tone to it. You burn very easily and almost never tan. 
  • We recommend blush shades in Tender, Complexion, and In Love.



  • While your skin tone is light, you do have a touch of a warm color. You tend to burn in the sun, and may or may not tan. 
  • We recommend Blush in Tender, Perfectly Rose, or Joy.



  • Your neutral skin is neither dominant in pink or yellow tones and tends to tan in the sun. 
  • We recommend blush shades Tender, Joy, Ginger, & Bare. 




  • This is the most common shade worn by women with light/medium skin tones. You tend to turn a little pink in the sun but this turns quickly to a light tan. 
  • We recommend blush in Antoinette, In Love, or Wholesome Matte Natural



Peaches & Cream

  • You have tan skin that is peachy or warm. You have no surface redness and are tan even without the sun. 
  • We love you in bright blush shades like Perfectly Rose, Raspberry or for a softer color choose Rosehip.



  • Your medium skin has a yellow-olive undertone and always tans very easily. 
  • We love Antoinette blush on you and think you should try Perfectly Rose when you're feeling sassy!



  • Your Medium/Dark Tan Skin has yellow undertones and you always go up a shade or two in the sun.  
  • We recommend brighter blush tones like Perfectly Rose or Raspberry.


Ingredients: Sericite, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Boron Nitride, Lauroyl Lysine, Magnesium Stearate, Yellow Oxide, Red Oxide, May Contain Black Oxide and Ultramarine Blue

Note: due to different computer monitors calibrations, depicted colors may vary slightly